International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

I really love this organizations mission! They want to go beyond the one-off individual stories of people curing themselves of disease with a plant-based diet. They want to prove the health benefits of a plant-based diet by looking at research that is going on right now that shows evidence of how it can prevent and cure disease. They gather every year to look at the current research on a plant-based diet and share it with practitioners in every field of medicine. They want practitioners to get a good education on an important pillar of health. Prevention of disease through a plant-based whole food diet. They want to do it with real science backed facts! Then once these doctors are educated they can go back to their practices and promote a plant-based. This will lead to patients and clients adopting these healthful diets. Then they can lead dramatically healthful lives. Doctors are our trusted sources for health information. I think they should be well educated in how diet plays a role in my health and wellbeing. Where do I find one of these doctors?

Find a Plant-Based Practitioner Near You

An awesome resource if you are looking for a doctor who will support and help you thrive on a plant-based diet.