Going Vegan Side Effects

What Are the Bad And Good Effects Of Going Vegan?

I like to talk about everything health I’ve been vegan now for about five years and I really do believe that veganism is the way to true health. Today I want to talk about the side effects of going vegan. Usually, when we think about side effects we focus on the negative things that can happen. There are some negatives of going vegan but, I promise you, the positives greatly outweigh them. Nothing will give you true and growing health like a whole plant-based vegan diet. Eating a diet of fruits and vegetables has transformed my life, my mind and my body. I know that you can experience these health benefits in your own life as well.

Detox Effects

Going from a standard American diet to a vegan diet will definitely cause detox effects that could last maybe three days, a week or longer. If you’ve been on a bad diet a long time you are gonna feel some pain. Toxins build up in the fat cells in your body and tissues in your body. When you decide to eat fruits and vegetables only your body immediately goes into cleaning mode. When you switch over you will need to drink a lot of water and get plenty of rest. It will get better I promise you just have to keep focusing on a plant-based fresh fruit and vegetable diet.

Unsupportive Family and Friends

Your family and friends may not understand why you want to go vegan and that’s okay you just have to get educated. Read the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman, the China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, watch documentaries about veganism. Then you will be able to not only answer their questions but, teach them about the lifestyle. When there is a party bring along a vegan dish that is super yummy to share with them. If you plan a lunch or dinner with them make sure the restaurant will cater to you. You will be surprised at how curious your friends and family will be about your diet. The best way to show them it works is results. When your friends and family see you lose 10 pounds in 3 months they will be asking you how you did it.  I promise they will warm up to it and they will support you eventually. If they don’t then they’re really not people that you want in your lives long term You really should do some soul searching to see if those are the kinds of people you want around you. True friends and family will love you no matter what and support you in your life decisions.


Cravings are a normal part of life. We all get them but, it’s what you do when the come on. It starts before you have the craving. I personally love potato chips and fries, I can literally eat whole bags of them they are that good to me. I practice filling up on fruit before I get the craving or when I know cravings are about to come on. When I’m craving a bag of chips I cut up some pineapple and watermelon. Then I eat until I am completely full and then some. Fruit is high in water so they make you feel full when actually you haven’t had enough calories. I keep fruit around all day because it digests very quickly within one hour and then I’m hunger again. So be sure to have lots of fruits around to snack on when you get hungry. Give your body at least 21 days on a vegan diet. Your mind and body will actually begin to crave these foods because you will notice the subtle and delicious flavors that you couldn’t taste before.


That’s it for negatives! You’re gonna have some detox effects. Your friends and family might not like it, but so what this is your life, live your best life and do what makes you happy. You will have some cravings so make sure you have lots of healthy options to grab when you want to reach for that cookie. I do believe the way to true health is not just a vegan diet but focusing on the fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating as much of them as you can so you can get all the vitamins and minerals you need. You’re moving into a healthy lifestyle and it is so worth it. Whoever said anything worth having was easy. I promise though that these side effects aren’t that bad and you will get through it. When you come out the other side you will be so glad you made the choice you did.

Positives Of Going Vegan


I lost about 15 pounds when I went vegan. I wasn’t doing anything different I wasn’t working out more I was just eating fruits and vegetables like I normally was but I just cut out the meat and eggs. I was already not eating dairy because I don’t like milk, yogurt or cheese normally even

before I went vegan. I just stopped eating cow, chicken, turkey, eggs, and fish. I didn’t even notice I had lost the weight until I got on the scale one day. I couldn’t believe that I weighed that much. I hadn’t weighed that much since I was in high school. You will see the weight fall off and you will go to your natural weight you are meant to weigh. Everyone was asking me if I was on some special diet or calorie restricting myself. I have never calorie restricted myself and I never will. You don’t need when you focus on whole plant-based vegan diet. This lifestyle is about the abundance of the right kinds of foods that fill you up and bring you ultimate health and wellbeing.

A Deeper Connection With Animals

I have been vegan for five years and I have more empathy for animals now than I did before. I knew the horrors of the slaughterhouses and I just turned a blind eye to it. Now I understand the pain that they go through. I went vegan for my health and that of my family. Now animal rights is one of three reasons I choose to stay vegan. If I had a burger or some chicken every now and then my health would probably not suffer. I choose veganism now because I understand the current industry of animals for human consumption is not healthy. Animals deserve more respect than what they’re currently receiving in slaughterhouses today.

Bone Health

You don’t need to eat meat and dairy to have strong and healthy bones. Fruits and vegetables can provide you with all the necessary calcium you need. There are more studies that need to be done about the connection between dairy consumption and osteoporosis. I believe that milk harms your body. It may have calcium but there are much worse things in it like fat, pus, and hormones that don’t benefit your health.

An article by Harvard.edu recommends these 5 things to have strong bones:

  1. Get regular exercise especially weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercises to build strong bones
  2. Get adequate vitamin D that includes sunshine and fruits and vegetables.
  3. Consuming enough calcium to reduce the amount that your body borrows from your bones. You can get a plentiful supply of calcium from raw fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Consume enough vitamin K found in dark leafy greens like kale and spinach. Also other vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage.
  5. Not getting too much-preformed vitamin A. Which is found in fish and liver.

Heart Health

Switching to a fruit and vegetable diet will reduce your risk of some many heart-related diseases. Saturated fats are in all animal products and it’s been linked to heart disease which is the number one killer of men and women in the United States. This is a fact that is staring us all right in the face and we can’t hide from it. Heart disease refers to the conditions of narrowed or blocked blood vessels leading to the heart. These conditions can lead to a heart attack, angina or stroke. When you stop eating animal products you are allowing your heart to function without stress. Fruits and vegetables are the number one thing that is recommended when someone has heart disease. A whole plant-based diet is what we all should be practicing to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Reduced Cancer Risk

Cancer is the number 2 killer of people in the United States. Meat and dairy have been linked to it time and time again. The writing is on the wall and we need to wake up and realize that what is on our plate is slowly killing us. Vegan diets that are focused on fresh fruits and vegetables have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of all cancers. The best thing for your health is to switch over to a plant-based diet. I have a friend who got lymphatic cancer when she was 19 years old. This was the first time I ever knew anyone that got cancer. I was in shock and looked all over the internet to figure out why she got it. It blew my mind that a young girl who was eating the same way I did and wasn’t doing anything different came down with cancer. I asked her what the doctor said to do to take care of herself in remission. She said he told me to eat more vegetables and more fruits. It really stuck out in my mind for a long time. The only problem I saw was that he was recommending it after her diagnoses. Why aren’t we recommended these foods before we get cancer? We need to eat these foods to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a hardening of the arteries in the brain. It can only be diagnosed certainly after death. The arteries in the brain are the same as the arteries throughout the rest of the body. They can build up with a plaque from a diet filled with saturated animal fats. Even just one unhealthy meal of animal meat and dairy your arteries can feel it. A plant-based vegan diet is for people who want long-term health and to grow old with grace. A diet that focuses on fruits and vegetables is the way to do that.




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