Female Fitness Motivation: Ultimate Guide To Keeping Yourself Motivated To Workout

How To Motivate Yourself To Workout As A Female

I wanted to talk to you about something that is really near and dear to my heart. Female fitness motivation. As a female, I struggle with this on a daily basis. I know how hard it can be to start a diet regimen and exercise regimen when you really don’t know how. When I was personally 18 years old I stepped on the scale and realized I had to make a change. I asked my dad to get me an elliptical for Christmas. I worked out every day. At first 1 minute felt like an eternity. I started at 10 minutes. Then I raised it up to 20 minutes. I eventually was working out for 30 minutes every day. I started eating healthier. I cut out fast food during the week. I cut out white bread and white rice. I stopped eating top ramen and cup of noodles for lunch.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Nothing can keep you more from working out than a bad diet. Clean up your diet and incorporate more fresh raw food at every meal. Fruits and vegetables are food that loves you back. Clean out your kitchen and pantry of all the junk food that is causing you to have a sluggish and tired mind. Throw out the chocolate ice cream, alcohol and white bread. Whatever is keeping you from working out on a daily consistent basis. This act alone can be the best thing you can ever do for your health. Go shopping and fill your house up with fruit and vegetables so you aren’t tempted to reach for a donut or cookie. Buy a special large fruit bowl that you can put at least 5, 6 or more pieces of fruit. Fill your fridge with green vegetables like kale, spinach, and mixed greens.

Now Is The Best Time

Don’t fall into the trap of starting your workout regimen on a Monday. This is a form of procrastination. The best time to start an exercise plan is now. What are you doing right now? Well you reading right, finish this article and then do 20 jumping jacks and 20 squats. Get your blood pumping and feel what it’s like to break a sweat. Working out now rather than later is the best thing you will ever do. If you don’t give yourself that out you will start working out sooner rather than later and reaching your goals that much sooner.

Find The Right Time To Workout

Find what time of day you most like to work out. I personally like to work out in the mornings. It’s my preference. I know that if I don’t work out first thing when I wake up before I do anything else I’m not going to work out for the rest of the day. I just like to not be having to take a shower after I work out in the afternoon. I feel more productive when I work out early in the morning. Then I take a shower and go straight into my day. Find a time of day that works for you and stick to it and don’t give up!

Stop Comparing Yourself

The next tip is to stop comparing yourself to other women. I know that I personally did this a lot as a teenager. I compared myself to my friends and what they looked like. I was always nearly a year younger then all my friends because my birthday landed in November before the schools cut off date. So I entered Kindergarten at 4 and 1st grade at 5 and so forth. All my friends had breast before I did. They started looking more womanly before I did. I can remember feeling inadequate. When you compare yourself to others you will never realize your own beauty. Look in the mirror every morning and say to yourself ten times that you are beautiful and that you love that person in the mirror. That is how we attract love from others. When we love ourselves it shines through. That is true beauty. Everybody is different and that is what makes us beautiful.

Go to an All Women’s Gym

I found a gym called Total women’s in Los Angeles. They have locations all throughout the LA area. I don’t like going to gyms that have men because a lot of them are huge bodybuilders. It’s not an environment you can feel comfortable in. If you are new to working out it can be very intimidating to walk into. If there are no all women’s gyms in your area you can workout at home. Buy yourself an elliptical. Make a space in your home for it. I personally would recommend an elliptical over a treadmill because treadmills are hard on your knees and joints.

Get a Trainer

Trainers are there to push you. To help you with any advice that you might need in order to develop a good exercise regimen and a good diet regimen. They will help you set goals. They understand what it will take to help you lose weight, gain muscle, and tone your body. A good trainer will keep you accountable. Build a good relationship with them and tell them what you need. If they can’t meet those needs then find a new trainer. I would tell them you need positive and encouraging words. A text before your workouts to make sure you show up. When you sign up for a gym membership usually you will be offered to get personal training.

Download a Workout Playlist

Another tip for staying motivated is to get an amazing playlist on your phone, iPod, or MP3 player. Some people like to listen to classical music or other types of music. I personally like Beyonce and I like Bday album. That’s the one that I started working out too. A lot of her songs are all about being sexy and feeling good about your body. Even though the goal is health, it’s okay to feel sexy and confident. Find that music that really gets you going to push you forward. Music can be a huge motivation while working out. You want music that will uplift your spirit and make you feel awesome! Like you are amazing and can do anything.

Take Care Of You

Self-care is one of the best fitness motivation to practice when you’re not working. In addition to eating a plant-based diet of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, practice pampering yourself. If you’re eating heavy meals and eating out at fast food restaurants you’re not going to have the energy to work out when the time comes. Go get a manicure and pedicure. Go shopping and buy clothes that make you feel confident and beautiful. Practice meditation and tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Do whatever it is you need to put yourself in a great mindstate to keep yourself motivated to keep working out everyday.

Eat Before Your Workout

You need to eat before your workout. If you don’t you are going to feel terrible. You are not going to have the energy you need in order to workout. Your body actually holds onto fat more when you don’t eat and workout. Our minds don’t know when you will eat again so it goes into famine mode. Even though you will eat later your mind doesn’t know that. We have evolved from cavemen and nomads who didn’t know where the next meal was coming from. Our bodies evolved to hold on to all the energy we have to keep us alive. Evolution has not caught up with the 21st century, we can now walk into a supermarket and get an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our bodies don’t know that though. So feed yourself before you workout so it can burn that fat you want to lose. I recommend eating at least one banana before your workout and getting at least eight ounces of water so that you can stay hydrated during your workout.

Workout Lightly Everyday

Another tip I have for staying motivated is to workout everyday. Keeping to a daily consistent workout schedule is the best way to lose weight. I like this way of working out because it keeps me from skipping a workout. It’s easier to let days slip by when you aren’t working out everyday. 1 day turns into 2 days and so on. Make sure you are balancing out cardio and muscle toning everyday. Don’t over work yourself everyday just do light exercise. You will build up your endurance everyday and be able to do more and more reps.

Long strenuous workouts 2-3 days per week can actually do more harm than good. If you’re working out every day you really don’t need to have long crazy workouts. I recommend doing 30 minutes to 40 minutes maybe an hour but not more than that. Endurance comes with time. You might think I am just going to work out like crazy and then lose all this weight. Yes, you will lose weight but it does take time. Make sure you are not pushing yourself past the point of no return, because you’re not going to have the energy the next day. It will cause you to skip your workout altogether. Go easy on yourself. Don’t do a four hour work out when you haven’t worked out in weeks or even years. Start easy and light.

Find Workout Clothes That Fit You

What you wear while working is just as important what you put in your body. Getting a really good sports bra is super important. When your girls are bouncing around it can be painful. It will distract you from your workout because you will be thinking about how they look the entire time. A good bra that holds will reduce the movement. Victoria Secret has a good selection of sports bras that will hold you perfectly. Then find a good shirt, shirt and pants that fit you and you will be comfortable. Whether they are super flowery and bright or all black make sure you like it. Try it on at the store and do a few squats to see how you feel.

Workout With Someone Else

Working out alone is never fun. Having a workout buddy can help you stay motivated when you want to give up. Find someone that’s going to push you. If you can’t afford a trainer get your friend or sister to workout with you. You can push and inspire each other to work out. Do goal setting with one another. Tell each other what you want your results to be. Find somebody who is going to do 10 squats and push you to do just one more. Get creative with your workouts and find out how to build that muscle and how they stay lean together.

Record Your Feelings After A Workout

Recording how you feel after your workout and read it before the next one to fuel you to get that same feeling. Working out releases endorphins in your bloodstream. I feel super good and happy after a workout. My face gets flushed and looks bright. After I shower I can feel how smooth and supple my skin is. My brain is more alert and awake. I literally feel like I could do anything after a workout and you will too.

It takes 21 times of repeatedly doing that same action to build a new habit. It isn’t your fault you haven’t been able to work out everyday like you want to. Your brain will always choose the path of least resistance. You have to fight really hard to win. It’s the most gratifying feeling when you do. You can beat this one day at a time. Keep up the good work and be kind to yourself if you fall off.

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