Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Slow its Progression.

Alzheimer’s disease is plaguing more Americans every year. It’s a disease that is extremely plagued with controversy. I personally have known people with Alzheimer’s disease. The first person I remember was when I was a little girl. I was 8 or 9 years old. My stepmoms grandmother Mama Chelo had Alzheimer’s disease. She only spoke Spanish and I didn’t really understand what she said most of the time. I would always ask my step brother and sister to interpret what she was saying. All of what she said was pieced together words that made no sense. She had already

had it before I met her. So, I never really knew what her personality was like before she got the disease. She wasn’t really a nice or happy lady. She was always very mean and angry. This was probably due to the fact that there was always at least 3 to 7 kids running around. It was a busy house with lots of families always around.


I remember we always had to be sure the front gate of the house locked all the time. So, she wouldn’t get out of the yard. Sometimes she would try to leave because she didn’t know anyone. She didn’t know her daughter anymore. She didn’t know her grandchildren anymore. She didn’t know anyone. She thought her home was somewhere else. I can remember times when she did get out. People in the neighborhood would bring her back. She would freak out because she didn’t remember anyone. She would say she was going to get the police because we were kidnapping her. She was very suspicious of everyone and their motives. She did have good moments when she wasn’t agitated. She loved this doll that she would call her baby. When things were calm she was in a better mood. I remember all the adults trying to keep all us kids calm so we would stress her out. He moods could change very fast though.


I remember being so fascinated with how she turned out like that. I remember feeling how sad it would be for you to forget your family. I remember people saying that is what happens to some people as they age. I was terrified that it might happen to me. To live your whole life and make memories with your loved ones. Then one day not know who they were. It seemed like the worse curse anyone could ever be plagued with. How scary it must feel to not know anyone or even remember who you are. Your children, spouse, family, and friend were gone because of a disease.


Mama Chelo lived like that for a long time. Her daughter my stepmom’s mother took very good care of her. She kept her in the house with help from family. Eventually a few years later Mama

Chelo ended up in the hospital. I remember going to see her one time. I felt bad for her but she had a family by her side even if she didn’t know them. I don’t think my dad or any other adult said why she ended up the hospital. They just said she was sick and would die soon. Now that have read up on Alzheimer’s Disease it was most likely pneumonia. The most common cause of death in Alzheimer’s patients. In the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s people forget how to swallow. Food particles end up in your lungs and it causes pneumonia.


She did pass away shortly after that. It was really sad because everybody loved her so much. Alzheimer’s disease is very hard on families. It takes its toll on so many people in the family. I can’t imagine what her daughter was going through. For your own parent to forget who you are it must be terrible. I can only imagine if my mother forgot who I was it would be almost to much to bear. I guess you can remember the good times with them and have those memories.


Another person that I knew was my husband’s grandmother. I didn’t really know her that well until my husband’s grandfather passed away. We went to the house and at first, we really didn’t know she had Alzheimer’s. She seemed very lucid and aware of who my husband was and that her husband had just passed. It wasn’t until that night we realized. After some time had passed she didn’t know my husband anymore. I’m not sure how the memories first go with Alzheimer’s but suspect your newest memories are the first to go. She would only know that he might be family because he has red hair like she did. With me or my sister, she became more agitated and would say why were we in her house. It scared my sister a little because she became


She eventually was she did go into a home. She then broke her hip and had to have surgery. It really became a traumatic experience for her. During her rehabilitation for her hip, she had moments again of lucidity. After rehab, she went to a new smaller home with only a handful of other people. We visited with her to keep her company and take her on walks. She really did enjoy the walks around the neighborhood. She like the colors, she would point them out as we passed. White flowers and blue cars.  She was really a nice lady and I wish I would have known her before the Alzheimer’s disease. The memories my husband and I did make with her I will forever cherish. She eventually passed away from a heart attack.


My ex-boss was another person I knew with either early Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It was very early to really be called dementia or Alzheimer’s. It would be called mild cognitive impairment. Toward the end of my time working with her she would sometimes ask the same question a few times. She would sometimes forget certain things and I would need to remind her of them. She also had diabetes and on the first day of my 5 years in working with her she actually almost went into diabetic shock. She came to my desk and very weakly handed me a dollar and said I have diabetes and I need you to get me a Hershey’s chocolate bar. I was in shock and my flight or fight response kicked in and I ran downstairs as fast as I could. I had never dealt with someone going into diabetic shock before. When I came back upstairs she was sitting next to my desk. I opened the candy bar and handed her a piece. Luckily she had the capacity to still put it in her mouth and chew.


This happened more times then I care to remember in my 5 years in working with her. There was even a time I needed to call her daughter her office because she wasn’t able to chew. She hid these episodes from her because she didn’t want her to know. Did she take too much insulin because she forgot what she already took? Maybe but, I will never know.


How To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s cannot be definitively confirmed until after death. A look inside the brain fluid in the will show accumulation of plaque. The plaque is made up of cholesterol and minerals like copper, iron, zinc, and aluminum. It’s this plaque that builds up slowly over a course of many years of what you eat. You can stop this plaque from forming by eating a whole plant based diet, free of added oil. Some people have the APOE e4 Allele (Alzheimer’s gene) that make your chance of developing Alzheimer’s the highest. Even if you don’t have that gene it doesn’t protect you from developing Alzheimer’s Disease.  The best way and most effective way to protect the brain from it is to eat a well-balanced diet free of all animal products. Exercise and brain games are other factors that can shield your brain and should be combined with a good diet but, exercise and brain games cannot save you from a bad diet.


In the book Power Foods For The Brain by Neal D. Barnard MD he takes a look at different peer-reviewed Alzheimer’s Disease studies all around the globe. Rome, France, San Diego, Loma Linda, Chicago, Newfoundland, Washington DC, Singapore and many more. These research teams including prestigious universities observed patients and what they ate, lifestyle choices, water and other factors and how that affected their chance of developing mild cognitive impairment (early stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia), Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Too Much Copper, Iron & Zinc and “Bad” Fats Can Lead To Alzheimer’s




We need copper but too much mixed with “bad” fats found in animal products and snack foods showed a loss of mental function equivalent of extra nineteen years of again. Copper oxides in the brain when there is a build up in the body or brain. When these chemical reactions happen in your brain or anywhere else in the body it’s not good. It leads to free radicals being produced which destroy brain cells leading to Alzheimer’s and speeds up the aging process. The study done in Chicago showed that those that didn’t do so well got around 3 milligrams per day or 2.75 to be exact. Those who generally avoided cognitive problems got around 1 milligram of copper per day. If you have any copper pipes replace them. The best way to protect yourself though would be to eat a diet free of bad fats that help copper accumulate in the brain.




Iron can also accumulate in the body and brain and oxide. It’s a condition called hemochromatosis, causing fatigue, weakness, pain. This can lead to heart disease, diabetes, liver damage, diabetes, liver damage, arthritis and a host of other health problems. Get rid of your cast iron pan and stay away from animal products because they have high levels of the wrong kind of iron. There are two kinds of iron heme and nonheme iron. Heme iron cannot be regulated by your body. Meaning that your body cannot control the absorption of the iron causing it to accumulate and your body. Nonheme iron is iron that your body can regulate. Meaning that your body can make it more absorbable if your body needs iron or it can make it less absorbable if your body doesn’t need anymore and let it pass out your body. All vegetables and fruits have nonheme iron. Animal products have a combination of nonheme, heme iron and saturated fats. That combination causes iron to build up in your body, especially if you aren’t a woman in her menstruating years. It’s like drinking a juice with a tiny portion of weak poison in it that won’t cause any harmful effect for another 30 or 40 years. Or like smoking cigarettes, smokers know it’s bad for them but they continue to smoke. When iron oxides it does the same thing that copper oxidation does it causes free radicals to be made that destroy living brain cells. Brain cells are the only cells in your body that are not replaced constantly. Don’t take a chance on your brain health and cut out animal products and processed foods.




Your body needs zinc for nerve transmission and other important functions in the body. Your brain cells use it to communicate with each other. You only need a tiny amount of it though. Getting to much zinc can be toxic. The way it contributes to brain damage is it encourages beta-amyloid proteins to clump together and form plaques. Iron and copper do this too but zinc is much more aggressive about it.


Stay away from vitamins that have added minerals that have copper, iron, and zinc in them. A One A Day Men’s Health Formula has 2 milligrams of copper. That is more than twice the daily recommended allowance. It also exceeds the daily intake of zinc. Many multivitamins will have added minerals to them. Stay away from those and choose the vitamin only ones. Eat foods that have good fats that create HDL cholesterol to shield your brain.




Your body doesn’t use aluminum and it needs exactly zero to function. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and considered carcinogenic. Stay away from aluminum cans. They are supposed to have a film that protects you but over time that film degrades and leeches into the drink. Stop using antiperspirants, the chemical that makes them anti perspiring is Aluminum. Your skin absorbs this and it goes straight into your bloodstream. Any cooking utensils made of aluminum you will want to toss as well.  


Water that comes out of your taps might contain aluminum. A process called flocculation a big filtering municipalities add aluminum into the water to remove suspended particles from the

Water. The result is aluminum in the water. A study in the UK was done in 88 counties to test the aluminum levels. The places that had high aluminum levels in the water had higher rates of Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum is actually really a highly controversial issue in Alzheimer’s research. But, in 2011 the International Journal of Alzheimer’s disease said:


“That there is a growing evidence for a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease and between other metals and Alzheimer’s disease nevertheless because the precise mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease pathogen path of genus remains unknown this issue is controversial however it’s widely accepted that aluminum is a recognized neurotoxin and that it could cause cognitive deficiency and dementia when it enters the brain and may have various adverse side effects on the central nervous system”


The beginnings of Alzheimer’s is a mild cognitive impairment. Just like any disease, it gradual develops. Over time a plaque made of cholesterol, iron, zinc, and copper accumulates in the brain called Alzheimer’s disease. Together these 4 things work together and destroy your brain cells, names of your grandchildren, children, spouse and eventually your own self.  In each of the studies showed about it showed a link between food choices and Alzheimers. Eating a plant-based diet with no animal products and low in oil greatly reduces your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. For those that already showed a mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer’s, it showed that by changing your diet to plant foods you could delay the disease many years.


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